50 Pcs Adhesive Heel Blister Bandage Set

€11.99 instead of €28.69 for a 50 Pc Adhesive Heel Blister Bandage Set from Just Dealz - save 58%




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50 Pcs Adhesive Heel Blister Bandage Set

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€11.99 instead of €28.69 for a 50 Pc Adhesive Heel Blister Bandage Set from Just Dealz - save 58%


  • Ultimate foot care: The heel blister bandage set provides comfort and waterproof protection. Made with adhesive properties, they're designed to cover blisters, abrasions, and bubbles.
  • High quality material: Crafted from hydrogel with a PU coating, these 50 bandages offer a cushioned, waterproof solution to foot discomfort.
  • Perfect size: The bandages are ideal for your heel or toe, ensuring optimal coverage and protection.
  • Easy application: The adhesive feature keeps the bandages securely in place, even during showers. They create an ideal environment for wound healing and are particularly effective at preventing friction with shoes.
  • Usage instructions: For best results, apply to clean, dry skin. Always replace it if the bandage comes into contact with clothing.
  • Warning: Do not use the bandages on infected wounds or blisters.

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These bandages are real heel-savers!

We’re offering you a 50 Pc Adhesive Heel Blister Bandage Set for €11.99, saving you 58% off Just Dealz’s price of €28.69 (converted using xe.com; correct as of 19.10.23).

Say goodbye to sore heels!

The blister bandage set of 50 is designed for optimal comfort and protection. These bandages are crafted from hydrogel, offering water-absorbing properties that keep your skin comfortable and dry day and night. With a rubber coating for waterproofing, they are a reliable solution. Each blister pad is thoughtfully sized to effectively cover blisters and bubbles on your toes or heels. Their adhesive nature ensures they stay in place even during showers, creating an ideal environment for wound healing. These bandages effectively prevent further friction with shoes, alleviating the pain from continuous rubbing, and are perfect for blister, abrasion, and bubble coverage. With 50 pieces in a package, you'll have an ample supply for daily use.


  • Number of bandages: 50
  • Product dimensions: L 5.6cm x W 3.7cm
  • Material: Hydrogel, and PU coating
  • Warning: Do not use on infected wounds

How should these adhesive bandages be applied?

Application for this bandage is simple. Clean the skin and dry it, do not apply any other moisturiser on the skin after drying. Stick the teacher section of the bandage on the blister and smooth it out, make sure you do not touch the adhesive side for the best application. Let the bandage stay on until it falls off naturally.

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This deal is brought to you by Just Dealz

This deal is brought to you by Just Dealz