Hair Growth Light Therapy Cap

€59.99 instead of €89.99 for a hair growth light therapy cap from Obero - save 33%




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Hair Growth Light Therapy Cap

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€59.99 instead of €89.99 for a hair growth light therapy cap from Obero - save 33%


  • Hair Cap: Get a hair growth light therapy cap.
  • Enhanced Growth: Regulate oil secretion, improve blood circulation, and promote growth with this adjustable cap.
  • Light and Heat Therapy: Synergistic physiotherapy boosts circulation and follicle health for noticeable results!
  • Convenience: Three energy levels, adjustable brightness, and heat ensure personalized comfort.
  • Safe Usage: For optimal results and a lush head of hair, take care when following instructed guidelines.
  • Includes: Includes cap, lamp bead pad, and manual for easy and effective use.

Full Details

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We’re offering you a hair growth light therapy cap for €59.99 , saving you 33% off Obero’s price of €89.99 (converted using; correct as of 13.02.24).

Improve Hair Growth

Enhance and improve hair follicle blood circulation and metabolism, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. This hair growth cap uses high energy to regulate oil secretion, care for the scalp and hair follicles, creating a good hair growth environment! With 3 gears energy adjustment, you can easily regulate the cap according to your needs. The cap emits red light without any harmful UV rays, and it also has adjustable brightness and multiple gears dimming for your convenience. The cap emits heat during use, reaching a temperature of 30-45°C, which, when combined with red light, achieves a powerful physiotherapy effect.

Power of Light and Heat Physiotherapy

The hair growth light therapy cap provides two effective physiotherapy methods for hair growth. Light physiotherapy requires 20-30 minutes of use, 3-45 times per week, for noticeable improvement in 3-6 months! This heat promotes blood circulation when applied to the skin and targeted body parts, working in synergy with the red light to achieve optimal physiotherapy results. It is important to maintain a distance of no more than 30CM between the cap and the skin during use for the safest ideal results!

Usage and Safety

People with conditions such as tuberculosis, local cardiac insufficiency, haemorrhagic disease, cardiac pacemaker carrier, porphyria, pregnant lower abdomen, or allergies to red light are recommended to avoid this product. When multiple people use the cap, care should be taken to prevent cross-infection. Avoid folding the circuit wires in the lamp bead pad as much as possible to prevent damage. The package includes the hair growth cap, 102 lamp bead pad, and a manual to guide you through the usage instructions too!

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This deal is brought to you by Obero International Ltd

This deal is brought to you by Obero International Ltd