Foot Circulation EMS and TENS Nerve Muscle Massager

€49.99 for a Foot Circulation EMS & TENS Nerve Muscle Massager from Obero



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Foot Circulation EMS and TENS Nerve Muscle Massager

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€49.99 for a Foot Circulation EMS & TENS Nerve Muscle Massager from Obero


  • Revolutionary relief: This device combines microcurrent pulses for muscle pain relief and leg beautification. Deeply penetrating EMS pulses stimulate nerves, offering relaxation, muscle control exercises, and meridian rejuvenation.
  • Dynamic modes: You can explore 7 modes, from acupuncture for muscle relaxation to ventosas mode for plantar fatigue relief. With 50 force types and a cycle mode, you can customise your daily relaxation needs.
  • Versatile design: The device's separate design allows for use on various body parts, transforming it into a multipurpose physiotherapy instrument. It is an ideal gift for comprehensive relaxation.
  • Smart features: Intelligent timing, LCD screen controller, and automatic shutoff after 30 minutes enhance this device's usability. You can improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and promote better sleep quality effortlessly.
  • Convenient and portable: The folding design ensures easy transport, making this device suitable for use in the office, at home, or on the go. Its non-slip feet provide stability during use for an all-encompassing, user-friendly experience.

Full Details

Using this Foot Circulation EMS & TENS Nerve Muscle Massager is like throwing a party for your feet – it's shocking how much they'll dance to the electric vibes, and they'll thank you for the nerve-wracking beats later!

We're offering you a Foot Circulation EMS & TENS Nerve Muscle Massager for just €49.99.

Electric foot fiesta

Introducing the Foot Circulation EMS & TENS Nerve Muscle Massager, a revolutionary device designed to bring relief and rejuvenation to your tired feet. Harnessing the power of low-frequency microcurrent pulse physiotherapy, this gadget is not just about alleviating muscle pain; it doubles as a beauty treatment for your legs. The EMS pulses delve deep into the cortex, stimulating nerve lines beneath the bark, facilitating relaxation, muscle self-control exercises, and a soothing massage for the soles. This dynamic process unlocks meridians, leaving your feet feeling not only relaxed but also rejuvenated. Invest in this compact, multifunctional device for a delightful foot massage experience that transcends the ordinary.

A compact and multifunctional device

  • Detachable and akin to a physiotherapy instrument, it transforms into a multipurpose massager suitable for back, waist, thighs, legs, neck, and arms.
  • A smart LCD screen controller facilitates easy adjustment of massage mode, strength, and temperature.
  • With intelligent timing, the device chronicles 30-60 minutes of use, automatically shutting off after 30 minutes post-ignition.
  • The folding design enhances convenience, making it easy to transport and use in various settings such as the office, home, bed, or couch.

What are the different modes in this foot massager?

With 7 distinct modes, this massager offers a diverse range of experiences. The acupuncture mode targets acupuncture points, inducing muscle relaxation. The gua sha mode activates plantar nerves, while massage mode intelligently massages plantar muscles. Kneading mode strengthens calf muscles, elbow mode relaxes foot muscles, and ventosas mode helps plants relax and alleviates fatigue. With 50 force types and a cycle mode, you can tailor your experience, meeting different relaxation needs daily.


  • Product material: ABS + electronic components.
  • Product mode: 7 modes
  • March selection: 50 positions
  • Massage method: Electric current massage.
  • Massage area: Body massage/body electrotherapy
  • Heating function: 3 modes (38-42-45 celsius)

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This deal is brought to you by Obero International Ltd

This deal is brought to you by Obero International Ltd