A to Z Basics of Car Maintenance Course

€9 instead of €129 for an A to Z Basics of Car Maintenance from International Open Academy - save 93%




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A to Z Basics of Car Maintenance Course

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€9 instead of €129 for an A to Z Basics of Car Maintenance from International Open Academy - save 93%


  • Online course: Enroll in the A to Z Basics of Car Maintenance online course and turn your car troubles into car triumphs!
  • Modules: Learn from 5 detailed modules about basic car maintenance, fixing leaks and changing tires, advanced repair techniques, brake system care, and more.
  • Learning outcomes: You will gain expertise in DIY car care, saving money on repairs, and keeping your car in top-notch condition.
  • Access: You will get 24/7 access to course materials, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your skills whenever you need.
  • Perfect for: This course is ideal for car owners of all levels, from beginners looking to save on maintenance to enthusiasts eager to master auto repair.
  • Certificate: Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate accredited by ICOES, enhancing your skills and career prospects.

Full Details

Car troubles? Again? Before you head to the repair shop and shell out big bucks, take this course and DIY your way to car care.

We're offering you an A to Z Basics of Car Maintenance Course for just €9 saving you 93% off International Open Academy's price.

Course Overview

Here’s how to save those astronomical monthly expenses on car maintenance and repairs: take the A to Z Basics of Car Maintenance course and add those extra bucks to your savings. This course is designed keeping in mind the car troubles every car owner faces every once in a while. It provides a comprehensive introduction to essential car maintenance tasks and is beginner-friendly.

Expect to learn valuable car care tips by:

  • Understanding the key components under the hood of a car.
  • Performing basic maintenance tasks such as changing tyres, checking and changing oil, and replacing wipers and headlights.
  • Taking on more advanced maintenance challenges, like changing filters and spark plugs.
  • Learning brake maintenance, troubleshooting, and checking brake fluid.
  • Exploring additional DIY maintenance tasks like replacing belts, addressing leaks, and enhancing the aesthetics of a car.

Will participants receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, upon successfully completing each module's exam with a pass rate exceeding 55%, participants will be eligible to receive a certificate of achievement. This certificate is accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES) and is recognised by professional bodies and academic institutions.

Course Modules:

  • Welcome to the course!
  • Module 1: Getting Started and Staying Safe
  • This module provides comprehensive learning about what’s under the hood, tools you must have, basic safety techniques, and more.

  • Module 2: Basic Maintenance
  • This module provides comprehensive learning about how to change a tyre, check and change oil, replace headlights, and more.

  • Module 3: More Advanced Maintenance
  • Under this module, you will learn how to change filters, check transmission fluid, about heating and cooling systems, and more.

  • Module 4: Brake Maintenance
  • In this module, you will deep dive into brake maintenance and in-depth troubleshooting of brake problems, how to check and change brake fluid, and more.

  • Module 5: Other Maintenance You Can Do Yourself
  • This module has lessons about extra maintenance that you can do around your car like replacing belts, paint-touch-ups, how to make your car look clean and smell nice, and more.

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  • You will be eligible to access a certificate of achievement or other accreditation options if your pass rate exceeds 55% on each exam.
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This deal is brought to you by International Open Academy VAT number: IE3275008IH

This deal is brought to you by International Open Academy VAT number: IE3275008IH