Heated Winged Clothes Airer

€89.99 instead of €224.90 for a heated winged drying rack from Neo – save 60%




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Heated Winged Clothes Airer

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€89.99 instead of €224.90 for a heated winged drying rack from Neo – save 60%

Product Features

  • Heated Airer: Get your laundry dry in a pinch with a heated clothes airer.
  • Energy Efficient: Costs from 9p an hour to run (depending on tariff).
  • Heated: 20 bars of the drying rack are heated!
  • Winged Design: Features a main central compartment with two foldable outer wings.
  • Foldable: Easy to fold up, store, and save space when not in use.
  • Laundry: Ideal for rainy days and the colder months for a quick, hygienic, and soft dry.
  • Dimensions: 1470mm x 540mm x 940mm.

Full Details

Things are heating up over here...so don't go airing this deal!

We’re offering you a heated winged clothes airer for just €89.99, saving you 60% off Neo’s price of €224.90 (converted using xe.com; correct as of 12.01.23).

How It Works

When it’s no longer summer and the washing line is out of action, you will no doubt be on the search for a convenient solution! This heated clothes horse is a great way to get your laundry dry much faster than regular versions. With 20 heated metal bars, this heated electric airer will dry your clothes in a flash! Place your wet clothes along each of the bars in the three sections and simply switch on to see your damp drawers dry in no time!

Money Saving

Everyone wants to save money, right? If you’ve been skipping on the branded goods, testing the 2-ply toilet roll or even turning off the lights to keep costs down, then look no further. Using a heated airer like this one is a great way to avoid using up energy on the tumble dryer every day, which can save you pounds in the long run, result! It’s efficient, hygienic, cost effective, and won’t shrink your favourite jumper!


This three tier heated airer can fit all your clothes! Spread your laundry over the three racks that open out to give you ample space for your clothes to get a decent dry. The foldable design is great when you have multiple people needing to dry their washing all at once, fitting three small loads onto one airer, or sectioning your own washing into three categories to make sorting easier later on. Also, despite being lightweight in design, it can hold all your jumpers too!


This heated airer can be easily folded to save storage space and is lightweight enough to carry. One or more sections can be unfolded when in use but fit neatly in your airing cupboard, utility room or bathroom when needed.

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This deal is brought to you by Neo Direct VAT number: GB104864129

This deal is brought to you by Neo Direct VAT number: GB104864129