Vibration Therapy Muscle Massage Device - Silver or Black

£19.99 for a vibration therapy massage gun



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Vibration Therapy Muscle Massage Device - Silver or Black

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£19.99 for a vibration therapy massage gun


  • Massage gun: Get a vibration therapy massage device in silver or black.
  • Includes: Four attachments for specific parts of your body, including the spine and joints.
  • Speed: Six speeds levels to give you a custom massage.
  • Relieves aches: Offers a deep massage which aims to help reduce muscle stiffness and pain.
  • Versatile: Perfect for those who play sports, hit the gym or jog.
  • Portable: Ease the pain away in the comfort of your own home!

Full Details

Today’s deal is all about good vibrations...

We’re offering you a vibration therapy massage gun for just £19.99.

Perfect for getting out all those aches and pains, you'll wonder what you ever did without this vibration therapy massage gun! It's perfect whether you play a lot of sports, or spend your days staring at a screen, with six speeds and four attachments for specific areas of your body. What's better than that?!

How To Use A Massage Gun

Using this massage gun is super simple. Simply attach your desired attachment and then turn on the device. Choose one of 6 speeds and enjoy relaxation bliss. Use the faster speeds for larger muscles for the best results. It is generally recommended to not massage over bony areas to avoid injury. Message most muscle groups for 1 to 2 minutes and for larger muscles for 2 minutes. During it is useful to move the massage gun along the muscle that is being targeted. More is not always better, read what your body needs. Generally, massage guns are most effective when you use them before or after a workout, however, be careful not to excite the muscle too much to avoid injury.


Multiple speed settings on this massage gun, choose between 6 different speeds. Typically it is advised to start off at lower speeds and move to faster speeds incrementally. Lighter speeds are effective if you want light muscle stimulation to increase blood flow and general relaxation. As well, typically the smaller the muscle the lower the speed you will need. For larger muscles use the same methods but you may find it more beneficial at higher speeds. With 6 options on this massage gun device you can easily find the best speed for you whatever the situation. Additionally, with the multiple head options you can choose which one is best for your application.


A great alternative to paying for a full massage! There are many benefits to using a muscle massage gun regularly. Firstly, using a massage gun can help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness which is especially useful if you exercise or go to the gym. When to use a massage gun? Why not push your next session even further by relaxing your muscles after a workout with this device. This massage gun is a useful and cost-effective alternative to massage therapy. Alternatively, this device not only serves athletes and gym goers but is perfect for unwinding and distressing, it takes about 10 minutes for the best results.


This deep-tissue massage gun is also portable. Take this device whoever you need! Whether it’s at the gym, in your car or at the office, this device is super portable. The compact design of this massage gun makes it versatile and easy to store and manoeuvre. This muscle massage gun device has got your back wherever you are, relief on the go!


  • Black
  • Silver

What's included:

  • Massage Gun
  • Big Round Massage Ball (for large muscle recovery)
  • Spiral Head (for joints of body)
  • Fork Leg Tip (for spine massage)
  • Flat Warm Up Tip (full body)
  • Power adapter
  • User Manual


  • 6 speeds (up to 3300 Strokes/Min)
  • Lbs of Force: up to 13
  • Battery life: up to 1 hours

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This deal is brought to you by Wowcher VAT number: GB277523479

This deal is brought to you by Wowcher VAT number: GB277523479