USB Heated Gloves - 4 Colours

€14.99 instead of €30.38 for USB Heated Gloves from Majexic - save 51%




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USB Heated Gloves - 4 Colours

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€14.99 instead of €30.38 for USB Heated Gloves from Majexic - save 51%

Product Features

  • USB-powered heating gloves: Transform your winter experience with these USB 5V-powered gloves, providing the perfect blend of warmth and style for various activities.
  • Fashion meets functionality: Stay on-trend with the hip-and-young design, while enjoying the comfort of double-sided heating, ensuring your palms and hand back stay evenly warm in the most efficient way possible.
  • Typing and gaming convenience: Embrace the half-finger design with a foldable finger cover, allowing you to switch between typing and warmth effortlessly.
  • Comfort at 40°C: Revel in the most comfortable heating temperature at approximately 40(±5)°C, preventing dryness and discomfort associated with overheating. The far-infrared carbon fibre heating pad ensures durability and efficiency.
  • USB accessibility: Stay warm on the go and easily connect these versatile and user-friendly gloves to USB ports on your PC, charger, or power bank (not included).
  • Colourful choices: Express your style with a range of colours – pink, grey, purple, and black – adding a vibrant touch to your winter wardrobe.

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Don’t let the cold freeze your productivity. Check out this hot deal!

We’re offering you USB Heated Gloves for €14.99, saving you 51% off Majexic’s price of €30.38 (converted using; correct as of 25.1.24).

Stay cosy with comfortable heating

Experience the utmost comfort with heating temperatures at approximately 40(±5)°C – an ideal range for the human body. Forget about the discomfort of dry, overheated hands; these gloves ensure a soothing warmth without causing any harm. The double-sided heating feature, powered by far-infrared carbon fibre, evenly warms both your palm and hand back, providing efficient and gentle heat.

USB 5V powered for convenience and style

Embrace the latest trend in heating gloves with USB 5V power. These gloves offer a user-friendly and safe heating solution; simply plug into a USB port on your PC, power bank (not included), charger, or any 5V power source. The hip-and-young design not only keeps you warm but also adds a touch of fashion to your winter attire. Stay warm and stylish while on the go!

Are these gloves suitable for various activities?

Yes, these versatile gloves are designed for a multitude of activities. With a half-finger design perfect for typing or gaming, the gloves come with a foldable finger cover. Unfold the finger cover to keep your fingertips warm when not typing. Whether you're gaming, typing, operating a mouse, or engaging in outdoor activities like skiing, riding, hiking, or exploring, these gloves are the perfect companion for winter and cold autumn days.


  • Heating temperature: Approximately 40(±5)°C
  • Power source: USB 5V
  • Heating pad: Double-sided, far-infrared carbon fibre
  • Design: Half-finger gloves with foldable finger cover
  • Usage: Suitable for gaming, typing, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Package includes: 1 pair of gloves
  • Colours: Pink, purple, grey, black
  • Note: The heating gloves require a USB power supply (power bank not included).

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This deal is brought to you by Magexic

This deal is brought to you by Magexic