Men’s Gilet Jacket with 15 Heating Pads!

€29.99 instead of €58.13 for a men’s gilet heating jacket with 15 heating pads from Shop In Store - save 48%




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Men’s Gilet Jacket with 15 Heating Pads!

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€29.99 instead of €58.13 for a men’s gilet heating jacket with 15 heating pads from Shop In Store - save 48%

Product Features

  • Men’s jacket: Stay warm this winter with a men’s heating gilet vest with 15 heating pads.
  • Features: Three second quick heating and three heating levels from 35°C/95℉ to 55°C/131℉ that can be selected as you require.
  • Design: Super simple and casual design that can be worn to any occasion, gilet style is very casual and flattering for any man.
  • Heating zones: This vest has 15 heating pads that are safe and harmless with high heating power placed on the body.
  • Power: 5V USB powered, works with any portable 5V / 2.1A power supply and keeps you warm for up to eight hours (power bank not included).
  • Occasion: Perfect for the chilly autumn and winter seasons, stay warm in style.

Full Details

We are bringing the heat with this sizzling new deal!

We’re offering you a men’s gilet heating jacket with 15 heating pads for €29.99, saving you 48% off Shop In Store’s price of £58.13 (converted using; correct as of 30.08.22).

Customizable Heat Levels:

Introducing our men's heating gilet jacket with 15 heating pads—a masterpiece of warmth and versatility. With three distinct heating levels spanning from 35°C/95℉ to 55°C/131℉, this heated vest adapts to your comfort needs effortlessly. Stay cozy in high, feel snug in medium, or enjoy gentle warmth in low temperature mode. This jacket is your gateway to conquering winter's chill in style. Embrace the freedom of choice as you navigate the coldest days, and revel in the luxurious warmth that accompanies you throughout the season. Colour-coded indicators—red for high, blue for medium, and white for low—ensure an intuitive and tailored experience that caters to your preferences.

Efficient Heating Precision:

Elevate your winter wardrobe with our revolutionary men's heating gilet jacket. Featuring 15 high-performance carbon fiber heating pads, this jacket offers an unparalleled warming experience. Designed with a focus on safety, the heating pads are powerful yet gentle, ensuring stability and harmlessness as they generate heat. Discover a new realm of comfort as this jacket continuously provides warmth to the central body areas that matter most: the left and right waist, flanks, and middle back. Bid farewell to shivers and embrace soothing warmth that envelopes you from core to back. This jacket isn't just a winter essential—it's your trusty companion on every cold-weather adventure!

USB-Powered Convenience and Custom Fit:

Step into the future of winter fashion, a marvel of both practicality and style. Powered by a convenient 5V USB connection, this jacket can harness any portable 5V / 2.1A power supply, providing up to 8 hours of continuous heat. The double-sided USB connection ensures a seamless fit into any USB socket, without the hassle of orientation. Safety is paramount, as the built-in thermal protection module guarantees secure usage. Enjoy the perfect fit thanks to adjustable zippers on both sides, allowing you to tailor the size to your preference. Please note that the heating vest requires a power bank to operate—not included.

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This deal is brought to you by AZONE STORE LTD T/A Shop In Store

This deal is brought to you by AZONE STORE LTD T/A Shop In Store