Dimmable Spiral LED Bedside Lamp

€24.99 instead of €35.11 for a Dimmable Spiral LED Bedside Lamp from Just Dealz - save 29%




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Dimmable Spiral LED Bedside Lamp

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€24.99 instead of €35.11 for a Dimmable Spiral LED Bedside Lamp from Just Dealz - save 29%

Product Features

  • Stylish aluminium lamp: Brighten up your space with this stylish black aluminium spiral lamp bedside lamp that doubles as an elegant artwork to enhance any room's aesthetic.
  • Customisable illumination: This lamp’s three illumination modes (warm, white, and natural light) along with its dimmable brightness feature allow you to set the perfect ambience for any occasion.
  • Safe and energy-efficient: Prioritising safety with a low 5V output voltage and built-in high-quality LED fixture, this lamp saves on energy bills while ensuring long-lasting illumination without frequent replacements.
  • Easy to use: With intuitive controls, you can easily adjust this lamp's colour and brightness.
  • Versatile placement: Perfect for various spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, or coffee shops, this lamp's stylish design complements any furniture, instantly elevating the room's atmosphere.

Full Details

This lamp isn't just illuminating - it's positively en-lightening!

We’re offering you a Dimmable Spiral LED Bedside Lamp for €24.99, saving you 29% off Just Dealz’s price of €35.11 (converted using xe.com; correct as of 15.4.24).

Enhance your space with style

This elegant and noble table lamp doubles as a flawless artwork, adding plenty of additional light to your space while elevating the ambience. Crafted with creativity in mind, it brings a good mood to any room it illuminates, making it a stylish, fashionable, classy, and unique addition to your decor.

Customisable illumination

  • With three different colours of illumination - warm light, white light, and natural light - this lamp allows you to match your room colour and mood effortlessly.
  • With dimmable brightness, you can easily set the perfect illumination for any occasion, whether you need soft ambient lighting or bright task lighting.

Is this lamp safe and energy-efficient?

Yes, this lamp prioritises safety with a low output voltage of 5V, ensuring peace of mind. Additionally, its built-in high-quality LED fixture not only saves on your electric bill but also boasts low energy consumption, eliminating the need for frequent light source replacements.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Black
  • Illumination: Warm light, white light, and natural light

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This deal is brought to you by Just Dealz

This deal is brought to you by Just Dealz