Wireless Android CarPlay Adapter

€76.99 instead of €93.70 for a Wireless Android CarPlay Adapter from Obero - save 18%




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Wireless Android CarPlay Adapter

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€76.99 instead of €93.70 for a Wireless Android CarPlay Adapter from Obero - save 18%

Product Features

  • Wireless support: Say goodbye to tangled cables with this Wireless CarPlay Adapter that ensures a swift and trouble-free activation process, with online upgrade support at your fingertips.
  • Easy installation: There is no need to tinker with your car's components – simply plug in the adapter for a seamless wireless upgrade.
  • Multi-function: Navigate effortlessly with steering wheel control, knob operation, and voice commands. Stay connected hands-free for calls, voicemails, texts, and maps, and access seamless, hands-free music too.
  • Online upgrades: This device supports online upgrades, allowing users to easily enhance their software for an optimised driving experience.
  • Wide compatibility: Tailored for vehicles equipped with the original wired CarPlay or wired Android Auto, the intelligent vehicle module boasts broad compatibility.
  • Safe driving: Elevate your driving safety with the wireless CarPlay and Android Auto functions as it minimises distractions, helping you focus on the road.

Full Details

Upgrade your car from spaghetti junction to wireless wonderland with this Android CarPlay Adapter - no strings attached!

We’re offering you a Wireless Android CarPlay Adapter for €76.99, saving you 18% off Obero’s price of €93.70 (converted using xe.com; correct as of 8.2.24).

Easy in-car connectivity

Introducing the Wireless Android CarPlay Adapter, a cutting-edge solution that transforms your driving experience into a tech-savvy joyride. Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and hello to seamless connectivity. Elevate your driving experience with this Wireless Android CarPlay Adapter - where technology meets automotive brilliance, and wires become a thing of the past!


Easy to install

  • Installation is a breeze, ensuring that you spend more time enjoying the perks and less time fumbling with complex setups.
  • This sleek adapter seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, ushering you into the era of wireless wonderland.
  • Compatible with Android devices, it effortlessly bridges the gap between your smartphone and your car's entertainment system, bringing convenience to the forefront.

What are the control features of this adapter?

This Wireless Android CarPlay Adapter provides steering wheel control, knob operation, and voice operation, mirroring the controls of the original car. It enables hands-free answering of phone calls, checking voicemail, reading text messages, and navigating maps. Additionally, it supports hands-free listening with iTunes, Apple Music, or other installed apps, delivering a seamless and enjoyable music experience wherever you go.

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This deal is brought to you by Obero International Ltd

This deal is brought to you by Obero International Ltd