1800W Mini Desk Heater

€39.99 instead of €92.40 for a Mini Desk Heater from Sheop in Store - save 57%




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1800W Mini Desk Heater

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€39.99 instead of €92.40 for a Mini Desk Heater from Sheop in Store - save 57%

Product Features

  • Compact and efficient heating: This mini desk heater warms you up swiftly, with two temperature levels to choose from for your comfort.
  • Top-notch safety: Crafted with safety in mind, this heater comes with overheat and tip-over protection. Its broad base ensures stability, and the design prioritises user safety.
  • Eco-friendly and quiet: This electric heater is eco-friendly, operating without gas or fuel, and generates almost no noise to ensure a peaceful night's sleep.
  • Versatile heating solution: This mini heater is perfect for small spaces like desks, studies, bedrooms, patios, and more. However, this heating marvel for indoor use only.
  • Operation guidelines: Use this mini heater indoors and keep away from outdoor or water-prone areas. You can expect normal warmth in the plug and cord during use.

Full Details

Get this mini desk heater to have the hottest coworker right next to your desk!

We’re offering you a Mini Desk Heater for €39.99, saving you 57% off Shop in Store’s price of €92.40 (converted using xe.com; correct as of 16.10.23).

A mighty companion to combat cold

Introducing the Mini Desk Heater: the small and mighty winter companion that brings warmth to your home and office with efficiency and style. Say goodbye to chilly days and hello to cosy comfort for your body and those freezing hands and feet. Stay toasty, stay safe, and bring the heat wherever you go with the Mini Desk Heater!

Compact, efficient, and effective

  • This nifty table heater boasts a PTC ceramic heating element that springs into action, heating up in just 3 seconds flat.
  • Crafted from ABS+ fireproof materials, this electric heater comes with built-in overheat protection and tip-over protection, ensuring peace of mind as it automatically shuts down if things get too hot or if it takes a tumble.
  • A sturdy, broad base keeps this mini heater stable, and the design incorporates explosion-proof and flip switches for an extra layer of safety.

Where can one use this mini heating device?

With its versatility, this heater fits in any small space - be it your desk, study, compact bedroom, patio, greenhouse, garden gazebo, or even the garage. However, it is for indoor use only. Hence, keep it away from outdoor areas and water-prone spots like bathrooms, bathtubs, and laundry rooms. And don't worry if the plug and cord warm up a bit during use; it's perfectly normal.


  • Product dimensions: L 24.5cm x W 16cm x H 10.5cm
  • Colour: black + gold
  • Plug type: UK plug
  • Material: ABS+ fireproof material
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Power: 1800W
  • Rated power: 800W/1200W
  • Applicable area: 21 square metres - 30 square metres
  • Heating method: PTC ceramic heating
  • Noise level: 36db

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This deal is brought to you by AZONE STORE LTD T/A Shop In Store

This deal is brought to you by AZONE STORE LTD T/A Shop In Store