Electric Physiotherapy Pain Relief Heating Pad!

€22.99 instead of €35.11 for an electric heating physiotherapy pain relief mat from Just Dealz - save 35%




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Electric Physiotherapy Pain Relief Heating Pad!

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€22.99 instead of €35.11 for an electric heating physiotherapy pain relief mat from Just Dealz - save 35%

Product Features

  • Heating mat: Get an electric physiotherapy thermal pain relief heating mat.
  • Features: The hot compress stays at a constant temperature of 50⁰ and does not burn the skin and is double-sided, so it works both ways.
  • Safety: Skin friend; and breathable, this heating pad will automatically stop heating when the temperature exceeds the set value, providing protection and safety.
  • Perfect for: Everyday use, take it to the office, keep it in your car, relax at home or anywhere you like; use on back, shoulders, arms, legs and more!
  • Washable: Graphene and crystal fabric are easy to clean and very hygienic as they are washable.
  • Battery: Input 5V/2A power supply with USB power supply voltage.
  • Dimensions: Heating area: 10cm x 28cm. Mat size: about 28.5cm x 49cm.

Full Details

Take the pressure off your shoulders because we’ve got a deal that’s gonna leave you relaxed.

We’re offering you an electric heating physiotherapy pain relief mat for €22.99, saving you 35% off Just Dealz’s price of €35.11 (correct as of 06.09.22).

Super soft and skin-friendly

Experience the soothing warmth of our electric heating mat, crafted from super soft crystal material that's gentle on your skin. This mat provides a comfortable and breathable heating experience, making it perfect for those seeking relief from back and shoulder pain. The soft and skin-friendly design ensures comfort and ease of use, allowing you to enjoy its therapeutic benefits without discomfort.

Efficient graphene heating technology

Our pad is designed to quickly heat up with a generous heating area. Operating at a safe and constant temperature of 50°C, it ensures your skin is never at risk of burns while effectively dispelling the cold. The advanced graphene technology provides efficient and targeted warmth, offering relief to your back and shoulders. This portable heating solution is a great alternative for pain relief.

Hygienic and portable design

Our heating mat boasts a hygienic design with washable graphene and crystal fabric, making it easy to maintain cleanliness. It comes with a convenient storage bag, making it lightweight, foldable, and highly portable. Whether you're at the office or home, you can carry it with ease, ensuring you have access to comfortable warmth whenever you need it. With a USB power supply and built-in temperature sensor for safety, this mat is your reliable companion for soothing pain relief.

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This deal is brought to you by Just Dealz

This deal is brought to you by Just Dealz