Waterproof Smart Watch in 4 Colours

€13.99 instead of €115.18 for a waterproof smart watch from Justgiftdirect - save 88%




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Waterproof Smart Watch in 4 Colours

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€13.99 instead of €115.18 for a waterproof smart watch from Justgiftdirect - save 88%

Product Features

  • Smart watch: Grab yourself a waterproof smart watch.
  • Tracking: Monitor your heart rate, calorie burning, sleeping patterns and more!
  • Features: Waterproof build, incoming call answering capabilities and long battery life.
  • Compatibility: Suitable to use with leading smartphone operating systems - see specifications for details.
  • Colour options: Choose from 4 colours - white, pink, black or black and silver.

Full Details

A great deal? Now that’s smart!

We’re offering you a waterproof smart watch for €13.99, saving you 88% off Justgiftdirect’s price of €115.18 (converted via xe.com, correct as of 22.6.22).

Enhance your fitness journey with this Waterproof Smart Watch

Experience a revolutionary fitness companion with this Waterproof Smart Watch. This sleek device offers an array of features to elevate your fitness routine and health monitoring. The watch is equipped with real-time data display, including exercise duration, mileage, heart rate, and more, providing valuable insights for effective aerobic exercise. The 1.3-inch high-definition colour screen enhances user experience, ushering in a new era of smart bracelet technology.

Unlock the Power of Smart Living

  • Stay connected effortlessly with features such as incoming call alerts, information push, and QQ and WeChat reminders.
  • Experience a long battery life with efficient power consumption management.
  • Continuously record your daily steps, distance, and calories burned.
  • Monitor your running, distance, and heart rate for a comprehensive fitness tracking experience.
  • Track your blood pressure for a more thorough health monitoring approach.
  • Enjoy life waterproof functionality with a lightweight, skin-friendly TPU wristband.
  • Conveniently capture moments with the smart bracelet's shaking feature for taking pictures.
  • Choose from a variety of stylish colours, including white, pink, black, and black+silver.

Is this watch suitable for daily wear?

Absolutely! The Waterproof Smart Watch’s lightweight design and skin-friendly TPU wristband ensure a comfortable and unobtrusive fit for everyday use.


  • System support: Android and iOS operating systems
  • Battery capacity: 100mAh
  • Band material: TPU
  • Overall size: 122mm x 81mm x 32mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Colours: white, pink, black, and black+silver

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This deal is brought to you by Just Gift Direct IE VAT number: IE3687661LH

This deal is brought to you by Just Gift Direct IE VAT number: IE3687661LH