Chub Rub Anti Chafing Cream - 50ml Tub!

€3.99 instead of €11.49 for a tub of chub rub anti-chafing cream from Glamza - save 65%




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Chub Rub Anti Chafing Cream - 50ml Tub!

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€3.99 instead of €11.49 for a tub of chub rub anti-chafing cream from Glamza - save 65%


  • ’Chub Rub’ Anti-Chafing Cream: Get a 50ml tub of anti-chafing cream.
  • Chafing Relief: Say goodbye to skin irritation and discomfort with our Chub Rub Anti Chafing Cream, enriched with aloe vera for quick relief.
  • Wide Application: Ideal for adults and children, this cream protects against chafing in common areas like inner thighs, feet, underarms, and more.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Our unique anti-friction formula provides your skin with lasting relief, even during hot weather or intense workouts.
  • Gentle and Non-Greasy: Non-staining, non-greasy, and featuring a subtle fragrance, this cream is comfortable for everyday use, anywhere on your body.
  • Invest in Comfort: Invest in the freedom to move comfortably without chafing, and join our community of happy, chafe-free customers.

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Don’t let chafing rub you the wrong way!

We’re offering you a tub of chub rub anti-chafing cream for €3.99, saving you 65% off Glamza’s price of €11.49 (converted using; correct as of 22.09.23).

Stay Chafe-Free with Chub Rub Anti Chafing Cream

Tired of the discomfort caused by chafing during your daily activities or workouts? Look no further! Our chub rub anti chafing cream is your ideal solution. This anti-chafing cream enriched with soothing aloe vera creates a protective barrier on your skin, offering relief from the irritation and pain caused by repeated skin-to-skin or skin-to-clothing friction. Designed for both adults and children, this cream is gentle yet highly effective in preventing chafing and aiding in the healing process.

Our anti-chafing cream is your trusted companion, especially in hot weather or during sporting activities like running. Its anti-friction formula not only shields your skin but also keeps it moisturised and comfortable. Whether it's your inner thighs, feet, underarms, or any other common chafing-prone area, this cream provides long-lasting relief. Say goodbye to skin tears and discomfort, and embrace the freedom to move without the worry of chafing.

The Ultimate Chafing Prevention Solution

Chafing can occur in various areas of your body, including inner thighs, feet, bra lines, waistline, underarms, and hands during weightlifting or bar workouts. Our chub rub anti chafing cream is here to offer a unique barrier against friction, no matter where you need it most. Applying this cream is easy and hassle-free. Simply generously apply it to the areas prone to chafing, such as feet, inner thighs, and underarms. For added protection, feel free to apply an extra layer. Wait for about 15 minutes to allow it to dry, and then put on your workout clothes. Get ready to enjoy a chafe-free and comfortable workout session!

Your Skin's Best Friend

With its unique non-staining and gentle formula, this cream can be used every day, without worry. This cream provides a silky finish that dries on contact, leaving your skin feeling comfortable and non-greasy. Plus, it features a subtle fragrance for a pleasant user experience. Investing in our Chub Rub Cream is investing in your skin's health and comfort. Join the ranks of our happy customers who have discovered the joy of chafe-free living.


  • Unique anti-friction formula providing your skin with long-lasting relief.
  • Non-staining and gentle enough to use anywhere, every day.
  • Unique barrier against friction.
  • Silky finish - dries on contact.
  • Non-greasy, non-staining, subtle fragrance.
  • 50ml.


  • Apply to irritated areas of the skin.
  • Repeat as needed.
  • To avoid increased chafing, use prior to activity.

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This deal is brought to you by Forever Cosmetics VAT number: GB193844373