Essential Cat & Kitten Care Course

€9 instead of €49 for an Essential Cat & Kitten Care Course from Holly and Hugo - save 82%




Essential Cat & Kitten Care Course
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Essential Cat & Kitten Care Course

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€9 instead of €49 for an Essential Cat & Kitten Care Course from Holly and Hugo - save 82%


  • Online course: Choose the right cat breed for you (and your family), make sure they are healthy, litter trained and more. And by the end of this course, get ready to bond with your furball, through care, communication and love.
  • Modules: In 7 modules, learn how to choose and care for your kitten or cat by keeping them healthy, mentally stimulated and entertained, while gaining a better understanding of cat communication, body language and more.
  • Learning outcomes: Learn how to be the best parent to your cat or kitten! A new feline friend can be overwhelming in the initial days, but this course will make the transition purrfect.
  • Access: Study online at the convenience of your home, from any device, with 24/7 access to the course materials.
  • Perfect for: New pet-parents who have brought a cat or kitten home, foster pet parents, and people who want to work with animals (trainers and pet-sitters) will benefit from this course.
  • Certificate: This course is CPD-certified and you will receive a PDF certificate upon completion of the course. For a small surcharge, you can opt for an internationally accredited ICOES certificate.

Full Details

Learn how to care for your feline companion for a meow-tiful relationship...

We're offering you an Essential Cat & Kitten Care Course for just €9 saving you 82% off Holly and Hugo’s price.

Course Modules:

  • Learn about different cat breeds, selecting the right one for yourself and finding an appropriate vet.
  • Tips - including preventative measures - to ensure your cat is healthy, mentally stimulated and expressive..
  • Normal and concerning grooming behaviour alongside information on how to bathe your cat, clip their claws and more.
  • Feeding preferences, diets and preventing conditions like obesity and more.
  • Litter training, helping you navigate through both successes and failures during the process.
  • Cat communication - what does it mean when your cat or kitten purrs? How do they communicate through body language and smells? Finish this module to find out.
  • Feline behaviour, be it play, socialisation, mating, as well as tips on dealing with aggression.

How To Redeem

How to redeem

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  • Vouchers are valid for redemption for four months from purchase date.
  • May buy multiples as gifts
  • Subject to availability
  • You will be eligible to access a certificate of achievement or other accreditation options if your pass rate exceeds 55% on each exam.
  • This course is CPD certified, you can opt for an internationally recognised IOECS certification at a small fee.
  • Additional admin fee applies
  • This deal will be advertised on site until 23.08.2025. Price is subject to change.

This deal is brought to you by Holly and Hugo

This deal is brought to you by Holly and Hugo